Baby Massage & Yoga

Want to emotionally and physically connect with your baby?

Why not try Baby Massage or Yoga? HypnoBirthing parents often report that they are sad when their classes come to an end….. so why not return to The Hub with your baby and try one of these classes? The relaxed environment will put both you and baby at ease & you will be taught by an instructor who you already know. The is much less stressful than finding a village church somewhere and walking into a room of strange faces!

Where & When are the classes taught?

Baby Massage and Yoga classes  are taught at The Hub at Buckshaw Village on a Thursday afternoon. For more information please contact me directly (07870688979).

Baby Massage classes can be started from any age (whenever you feel ready to venture out!)

Baby Yoga classes can be started from 8 weeks.

Baby massage is a wonderful experience for both carer and child…

Well known anthropologist Dr Ashley Montagu wrote: “Human beings cannot survive without touch; it is a basic behavioural need”. Without touch, the human infant will surely die. With healthy touch, the human infant not only survives, but thrives.

Baby massage not only encourages and aids the bonding process between baby and parent, but it also has countless other benefits for everyone involved.

Get the most out of baby massage…

Whilst it is possible to learn the principles of baby massage from books or dvds, there really is no substitute for learning from an experienced instructor.

In all Hands on Babies classes, I will guide you through all of the basics of baby massage in a clear and relaxed fashion, ensuring that you use the right strokes with the right amount of pressure, watching you and your baby for the right cues and encouraging you both through this gentle learning experience in a manner that is informal and relaxing, yet is informed and knowledgeable.



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