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HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

“I first heard about HypnoBirthing at work, before I was pregnant. Frankly, though the lady in question was bonkers… When I found out I was pregnant I looked up HypnoBirthing again with a new view… My body was AMAZING… and built for birth. I met Rebecca at a baby show, the next step was persuading my husband that this would be good for BOTH of us and that my hormones hadn’t just turned me into a hippy. Rebecca was confident at the baby show and also the following phone calls that if I got him there he would love it. She was right. For the rest of our pregnancy, it was HypnoBirthing this and HypnoBirthing that. We found that HypnoBirthing skills learnt could also be applied to daily life.

I was worried about induction. Rebecca’s support didn’t stop when the classes did. She emailed ideas and recipes to naturally kick start labour. My husband stuck the crowning rose around the house – this definitely helped. When the time came Andrew knew what to do. It really felt that the three of us worked as a team birthing mainly at home. Our beautiful daughter was born within an hour of being in the hospital. The entire experience has been amazing. We meet some great people at the classes and they have been a great support along the way. Rebecca was always willing to go above and beyond the classes. HypnoBirthing was the most empowering experience of my life, along with my greatest achievements, Katy u0026amp; Andrew u0026amp; Beth x”

(Katy Hardy 25th April 2014)

HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

“HypnoBirthing was first mentioned to me by a midwife friend who advised me to “google it”!! As someone that likes to be in control of myself and my body, the thinking behind it appealed to me. On meeting Rebecca any fears about it being too wacky or hippy-like were soon quashed!! The course was very informative-I found the breathing techniques in particular very helpful and listening to the affirmations and relaxation cd most nights on going to bed. My partner felt more equipped and informed about what I wanted during birth and how to play an active role in achieving that as a team.

HypnoBirthing replaced any fears I had about giving birth with excitement about meeting my daughter. I honestly believe that it contributed towards being totally focused and relaxed enabling me to have labour that was under 2 hours long with only gas and air at the end. Thanks, Rebecca!! Sam, Charlotte and Amelie 🙂 “

(Charlotte Bailey 4th March 2014)

HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

“We cannot thank you enough for all your help, support and guidance during and after our HypnoBirthing classes. We are sure that the techniques we learnt in your classes helped to ensure a calm, safe and quick arrival of our beautiful daughter, Ruby. We are so glad that we did the classes and would highly recommend them to anybody…just wish we’d started them a bit earlier so we didn’t miss the last one!! Sarah, Chris and Ruby xx”

(Sarah Shepherd February 2014)


HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

“After just giving birth to Artie in the most peaceful and relaxed way I could have ever wished for, this is a must for all mums and dads to be. Not only does it prepare mums to be, but it also involves dads which is very special and I can honestly say Matt was my rock throughout our whole home birth. Thanks so much from the bottom of mine and Matt’s heart to my best friend Rebecca for teaching us these life long skills and experience. You were my inspiration; thank you so much. xxx “

(Rachel Lockley 19th Feb 2014)

HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

“Thanks so much to Rebecca and HypnoBirthing in helping to bring Jackson Cordell into the whorls. Although birth didn’t go to plan due to Jackson being breech and having a planned C Section, Rebecca gave advice every step of the way. The relaxation techniques we learned helped us to deal with every eventuality of birth. I don’t think it’s any coincidence we have a very content and happy baby who breastfeeds and is sleeping well at just 9 days old. We’ve also met some amazing friends who have supported each other along the way. Thanks, Rebecca and HypnoBirthing xx” 

(Dawn Cordell February 16th 2014)

HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

Fern, Gaz and  Noel’s full birth story.

“Giving birth was something I truly hadn’t given that much thought to until I’d found out I was pregnant. All I knew (or thought I knew) was that it would be painful and I would be scared. I didn’t go out to seek hypnobirthing and in all honesty was extremely sceptical about the possibility of an enjoyable, pain-free birth! But there was something, probably my fear of accepting that I would just have to accept this scary experience, that thought I just need to give this a chance. I am so glad I did, I embraced the premise and teachings of hypnobirthing and can truly say I am a convert and I truly believe that birthing your child can and should be an enjoyable and empowering experience for everyone involved.

I went into labour with my son early on Sunday morning. I knew my body had been getting ready for this and I had been preparing emotionally and psychologically too. I stayed at home for as long as I could, padding back and forth between the bath and my bed, getting rest and trying to keep as comfortable as possible as things started to progress. I wasn’t in excruciating pain, just enough to know my body was working hard and I had to keep in control. I knew when the time came that I needed to go to the hospital, and then my waters went! We telephoned the hospital, of course, the midwife didn’t want me to go straight down, I think as I wasn’t screaming down the phone, instead, I was concentrating on my surge breathing. Anyway, we decided to go with our gut instinct and go anyway. We arrived having abandoned the car and I plonked in a wheelchair! Yes, I was calm and relaxed, but no way was I risking walking up to maternity in labour! When the midwives examined me they, myself and my partner were shocked to learn I was 9cm dilated and very soon 10cm. My little boy decided ‘back to back’ was the way he wanted to be born and my high blood pressure, which blighted me in the last few months of pregnancy, meant no water birth and monitors on my belly! But not to worry, my partner as prepped, had the rainbow relax and affirmations playing and the room set up. The midwives were wonderful and brilliant advocates for as natural a labour as was safe and possible, they just left us to it. After a few hours of breathing my wonderful son was born. It was so calm and peaceful and I felt euphoric.

So after all that, I realised hypnobirthing had worked. My practice of breathing and deep relaxation techniques had helped and empowered me to trust my body to birth my baby. And I can honestly say I’d have happily done it again!

I can’t believe I’d been the person who’d thought this would have been the scariest experience of my life. It was the best! I was probably as sceptical as they come at first, but now probably the biggest advocate for hypnobirthing. It also gave my partner a vital role in advocating for me and controlling my environment to exactly how I needed it and gave him an essential role in the birth of our son.

Rebecca’s hypnobirthing classes are excellent and the best money I’ve ever spent. It came at a time when every penny counted, saving up for a baby and having time off work, but thank goodness that didn’t put me off. Thank you, Rebecca, for being so positive and making me believe in myself that I could birth my son and have the best experience of my life. xx”

(Fern, Gaz and Noel, 2014)

HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

The classes, that we managed to attend, were relaxing, informative and made both myself and my partner feel a lot more prepared for birth as we gained knowledge of how to work with my body’s natural instincts and a range of relaxation strategies. Rebecca was amazing and made myself, as a first-time mother, feel much more relaxed about birth and most definitely made my partner feel more confident with what and how he could support me.

I truly believe that the strategies we learnt throughout the lessons were the reason why, only 3 hours after my waters broke, we were holding our gorgeous baby. I needed no pain relief and, with help from my partner, used all of the breathing techniques we were taught, ensuring our gorgeous boy was birthed in the most natural, safe way possible. I would highly recommend HypnoBirthing to everyone and I have shared my birthing experience with anyone who will listen! Thank you, Rebecca

(Sarah, Pete and George, August 2016)

HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

The classes and the book made the prospect of giving birth exciting rather than scary. The scripts which Rebecca went through really worked for me and all negative stories I’d heard about birth seemed to disappear from my memory.

As it got closer to our birthing day the affirmations worked amazingly well at ensuring I was stress-free. It made me confident that my body could do it and that I would not need any interventions. I pushed my consultant about going to the birth centre instead of a hospital and it was agreed. I would have just accepted their initial ideas if it wasn’t for the classes with Rebecca.

Our birthing day was amazing it was probably even better than the dream experience I had described in our first session. I was so relaxed at home that when we arrived at the birthing centre the midwife thought our baby would arrive before they had time to fill the pool. Fortunately, she held on and we had a peaceful birth in the pool without any screaming or shouting. I am usually a person who panics and worries but the course taught me to relax and calm myself which I’m certain is what led to having such a good experience.

Lindsey, Nathan and Harley (October 2016)

HypnoBirth The Mongan Method

Beautiful HypnoBirthing cousins BORN ON THE SAME DAY!

” My HypnoBirthing journey has been a magical healing journey and I will without a doubt recommend it to every pregnant woman I meet. I first heard of HypnoBirthing through my sister…Over the weeks Rebecca managed to convert me and after every session, I began to feel more confident and in control and by the end of the course I was actually excited about giving birth. It was an overwhelming empowering experience and healed a lot of old wounds and to make it all the more magical my sister gave birth on the same day to a little girl. We started and ended the journey together!”

Alison and Adam Unsworth / Christina and Ryan Tobin

(25th September 2016)

“To say I was nervous about giving birth when I turned up at my first hypnobirthing class with Rebecca was an understatement. I am a really anxious person and felt the need to try and prepare myself for labour as much as possible and I am so glad I chose hypnobirthing! The classes were really informative and by the end of the course I felt empowered and like I would have a little more control over what was to come. This was my first baby and although I had not experienced labour before, when the day came I felt ready and, most importantly, that I could absolutely do this! I can’t say the latent period was easy as it was long, but hypnobirthing definitely helped me through this by keeping me calm and focused. It meant I only went into the hospital when I was already 7cm and after getting in the pool baby George was born in just two hours. The way I delivered my baby was the proudest moment of my life and I look back at that day now with the fondest memories and I have Rebecca and hypnobirthing to thank for that. I genuinely went into hypnobirthing just wanting a way to ‘get through’ birth but what it helped me do was actually enjoy bringing our son into the world. Thank you so much”

Katie and Sam (June 2019)

“The HypnoBirthing was amazing, and we’re both very grateful that we decided to do the course with you. Everyone was amazed at how chilled and in control we were throughout our birth, to the extent that other midwives came to see for themselves how chilled we were! We had a very long labour, largely because Naomi was back to back, and although I progressed from membranes going to fully dilated within a few hours, unfortunately, surges didn’t get past a certain point and we ended up going to the hospital and I had to have a forceps delivery. But even then the ambulance and theatre staff were all amazed I’d had no pain relief, walked to the theatre and remained calm throughout. Thank you for your help and encouragement through all the hypnobirthing techniques. Whilst quite a few we’ve spoken to have been exceedingly sceptical of the things we were talking about, I don’t think we’d have survived our birthing experience as well as we did, and I would definitely recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone who’s willing to entertain the idea! “

(Fiona and Adrian Jones 10th February 2014)

“HypnoBirthing provided me with the knowledge and understanding of how my body is able to birth easily, free from fear and without unnecessary intervention. It gave me the confidence to realise what my body is capable of and I’m so proud of my baby and myself for how we worked together during birthing. Our daughter entered the world calmly, into a gentle, loving environment which is mirrored in her nature to this day.” 

(Hollie Hylands Scotland)

“HypnoBirthing has changed the way I view birth and my midwifery practice”

(EaDick Midwife Scotland)

 “I feel empowered by the wonderful gift of HypnoBirthing and to not feel anything other than joy about the birth of your baby is definitely a blessing as I have met so many mums-to-be who are truly terrified and dread the birth.  It’s also been fantastic for my husband to believe that birth could be something different than the typical screaming and stressed out situations that are always shown on TV and to feel he is useful and has an important role to play in the birthing of our baby.”

Jackie Carter

(Mum-To-Be 27th May 2012)

HypnoBirthing Classes

Classes are taught in small groups, on a Thursday night from 6-8pm at The Hub at Buckshaw Village Chorley

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